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Although sessions can last up to 2 hrs, we can have you out in as little as 30mins. No restrictions on wardrobe. We will get your desired results in the time frame needed.

  • No Restrictions to Background Selections
  • Unlimited Clothing Changes
  • Expression Coaching
  • Image Review During Sessions
  • Delivery in Less than a Week
  • Buy Images that you love ……….. $50/Image
  • Headshot & Full Length Options

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Although the focal point of any good headshot is obviously the face, don’t neglect the background when setting up. Plain or highly bokeh backgrounds usually work best, but you may want to consider showing more context for your subject’s career

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Patterns and stripes can look weird on screens, so it’s best to stick to solid, neutral colors for your professional head shot. Also, don’t be tempted to go too “fashion forward” unless that’s part of your job.

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The most important part of any headshot is the eyes, so make sure they’re crisp, sharp and dynamic. Capturing the eyes well will establish a strong connection between the photograph and the viewer. 3 of 5 Don’t go overboard with the makeup. A lot can be done with lighting and retouching to make your skin flawless and your features pop, so there’s no need to pile it on like you’re heading to the Oscars. 4 of 5

You want to rehearse a variety of smiles: a big smile, three-quarter smile, half-smile, closed-mouth smile. Perhaps this sounds a bit tedious, but upon practicing in the mirror or using your phone camera, you will see what types of smiles look most natural for you.

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