Born in New Orleans, LA, I excelled in chemistry and math.  Naturally the next step for me was to study pharmacy at Xavier University of Louisiana.  After graduation, I moved to Orlando, FL and worked for retail, long term care, and specialty pharmacies.  This built a strong foundation for me when I decided to become a photographer in the fall of 2014.  
I was inspired by my best friend, who introduced me to the industry.  I liked photos, but those that had meaning.  The photos needed to empower, uplift, bring a wow factor, and stand out from the crowd.  This is what I wanted any photo that I took of another to say.  From pharmacy to photography, I feel humbled yet thrilled when creating a portrait for my clients, that they never imagined.  It’s no wonder that clients like marketers, entrepreneurs, and everyday individuals have described my work as different yet authentic, artistic, and a true representation of the their character.  At the end of the day, I’m the type of guy who serves, empowers others,  and bring the best out of them.  Valuing clients as family, I want to see them succeed in their endeavors.  And I wouldn’t want it any other way.
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