The Power of a Second Chance

The Power of a Second Chance

How many times have you bought something and said “Well this was a waste of money.”

Whether it’s poor quality, poor service, or an overall poor experience you hate the decision. Next comes the unexpected feelings of anger, disappointment and regret.

Don’t you wish you got a second chance at making that decision?

Jemmiah’s Second Chance

Jemmiah got her second chance and more. She informed me about her previous subpar experience with other photography services, so she had quite a few reservations. To ease those concerns we talked thru what was she was looking for exactly in a image. Her exact words, “I want to see Jemmiah!!”  

We shot thru a bunch of different outfits to see what would compliment her best.  She had an array of stunning looks from everyday casual to her graduation photos.

After the session, she was almost in tears because she saw “Jemmiah.”

No ones wants the stiff, robotic stodgy imagery that is not a true representation of themselves.

She Got More Than What She Paid For, Check out the Results!!


After the shoot she admitted that “She did not want to do some of the suggestions I recommended, but chose to give it a try anyway.”


She was blown away with what a few coaching suggestions could do! 

You see just because we make a mistake, we are not that mistake.  It is exactly that a mistake. Let it go, forgive yourself and get your second chance like today’s hero, Jemmiah.

What do you think of her second opportunity? Was it worth it and more?

Orlando-Business-Owner-Headshot-Photographer_03 Orlando-graduate-pics-photographer

Quote of the day – “To dwell in the past is to lose one’s path.” – The Princess and the Frog

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