Crop that Professional Business Headshot

Crop that Professional Business Headshot

Whether it’s a business professional, dentist, actor, real estate agent, etc. I normally get asked after a headshot session, “Why did you crop into my face so much?” or a variation of the question.

3 Benefits to Cropping a Professional Headshot

1. It limits the the viewer sight line, allowing them to see and meet you as a person.  Having a ton of headspace detracts from the photo.  Also with the photo being cropped in so close, it minimizes judgement on the clothing selection by the viewer.
2. When the viewer sees you, we want them to see you as trusting, kind, confident, and most of all “you.” Not the 1-2-3 cheese factor smile.
3. When a viewer sees your profile picture, or picture in general, the ultimate goals of the photo, is not only for you to love the photo, but also for others to take you seriously, and recognize you as an expert in your field of practice.

Take the test…

If you do not believe me take a look at these headshots for yourself.  Do you find yourself judging them negatively?  Are you distract by what they are wearing? Can you tell if they are having a bad hair day?

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