Look Great for any Photo Session

Look Great for any Photo Session

What if I told you, “How to look great for a photo,” is not as complicated as you may think?

So you’re signed up for a photo session huh (Insert scream to self)? Next comes the barrage of questions to yourself. 

What do I have in my closet that would look great on camera? 

Who will work on my makeup? 

Do I need to get my hair done, or cut?   

Any of these common but relevant questions, sound familiar?

Quick tips to help you get the best out of your photo session

Let’s build from the bottom up!

  1. Shoes (Men/Women) = I STRONGLY, STRONGLY advise for comfort over style!  Your focus ideally should be having fun and producing the best portraits possible, not being uncomfortable. Ideally both comfort and style would be great.  One brand that comes to mind, that accomplishes both style and comfort is Cole Haan.  They have stylish and comfortable selections for both men and woman. You may not realize this, but if you are uncomfortable during your photo session, when you review your photos, it will spark those painful memories again. 

Orlando-Portrait- how-to-look-great-in-photos

2. Clothing Selection

Men – For your shirts/pants/jeans, the selection should be a relaxed fit. Not too baggy and not too tight.  A shirt/pants that is too baggy will give a sloppy look on camera.  Too tight of attire will attract attention to unflattering areas.

For the ladies, your selection of wear should be form fitting.  Not too baggy or tight.  Remember if the clothing is form fitting, then it will accentuate the beautiful form you have on camera.  As for clothing, that does not photograph well on camera, I’ve found that onesies, and flower dresses (those without the belt) do not flatter a woman’s figure. 


3. Hair and Makeup

Men – I know you maybe thinking, “I am going to get a fresh cut,” but this is not the best option.  When you book your session, try to get the haircut at least 3-5 days before.  This will allow the skin to heal from any damage from clippers, or razors.

Woman – You’re in the clear to get your hair and makeup done the same day.  The BIGGEST tip with makeup, is “KEEP IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE.”  Glossy and flashy makeup are the enemy.  So, what is recommended to use? Matte makeup is a camera’s best friend.  If you are getting your makeup done by a professional (HIGHLY RECOMMEND), inform them that you need camera ready makeup.  They should know what this is. If not, then ask for a “NATURAL” look.  Stay away from the caked on look.  If you are good at doing your own look, you can check out a list of brands here for foundations that fit you.

To see more examples how it all comes together beautifully on camera click here.

Quote – I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

Recommended book of the month – Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud

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