3 Tips to Give Your Photos Wow Factor

3 Tips to Give Your Photos Wow Factor

3 Tips Give Your Photos Wow Factor

Want to look great in your pictures?  These 3 simple tips will make you look stunning in pictures from now on.

Whether you know it or not, our brains visually process every photo we see differently. Even if the subject in the photo is the same, the image can evoke two totally different reactions from the viewer. This is what I call “Visually Reading a Photo.”  You may be saying, “No one reads a picture, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Don’t believe? Then take this test!




Did you guess the correct answer??

Hint – There is no one correct answer.  In the above images, the first image can say, “I know my craft, and you can trust that I’m the best at it.”  In contrast the second image can say, “We will have fun, while learning.”

Let’s Break Down The Face From Top to Bottom. The face tells the mood of a portrait.

Wow Factor Tip #1 The Eyes

Eyes are the life of the photo! They will tell the viewer if you’re confident, scared, lively, etc. “Smizing” or smiling with the eyes, exudes confidence. Don’t believe me, just look at any Brad Pitt photo. His eyes are always squinting (also called smizing) for a photo. In contrast, big eyes, tell the viewer mentally that, the subject must be scared of something!




The eyes tell the story.  They should be well lit, giving the photo life. Having even some sort of catch light in the eyes, makes a world of difference

Wow Factor Tip #2 The Mouth




Believe it or not, the viewer reads the mouth. You may be thinking, but how? The mouth can either smile or not. It’s a game of inches. Your mouth can be read as confident (1st image), mugshot (2nd image), happy, or all out laughter. This is where the viewer can really tell if the true genuineness of a person was captured. While emotion overrides everything, for a portrait, a true genuine smile is key. Kick the 1-2-3 say cheese out the door. Besides who came up with that anyway??

Wow Factor Tip #3 The Neck

This can make or break any photo!! I repeat, MAKE or BREAK! Who likes their neck to look like a turkey? Answer = NO ONE! The infamous turkey neck, not only catches the viewer’s eye, but the person being photographed as well.




How do you fix this?

Try to elongate the neck as much as possible. Time to think of another animal, the famous turtle. Imagine your head is the shell. Now bring your forehead forward as if you were a turtle. You may feel weird but guess what? No more turkey neck.

The results that look great in photos

Orlando-Business-Owner-Headshot-Photographer_02 Orlando-Orange-County-Headshot-Photographer

These 3 small tips will have a dramatic effect on your headshot, portraits, and yes, selfies. You will never go back to having your phone 30 feet in the air to take a selfie again. Goodbye turkey necks, mugshots, and the fearful eyes.

Let me know how these tips improve the look  your pictures???

If you want to test your new found knowledge continue the test here.  Let what you think each photo is saying to you???

Quote – “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

Recommended book of the month – The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman

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