Your Headshot, Your Brand, and Your Worth

Your Headshot, Your Brand, and Your Worth

Have you ever heard the phrase “a picture is just a picture, right?”  Well this statement does not apply, when it comes to your headshot, which is in fact a large part of your brand.  Huh, say what? People want to know who they are going to see when they walk into your establishment.  They want to know if they should give your their hard earned money.  Your headshot is your brand and it can tell the viewer if worth giving up there time to view your profile or website.

Luxury Brands Get this RIGHT!!

Think of your favorite 3 luxury brands that you buy from (example Apple, Porsche, Tag Heuer, Louis Vuitton, etc).  Search google, or bing and see if you can find a bad photo from their brand or an iphone/android photo of their products.  Your brand matters and guess what? You are your brand!! 

Be Different and Stand Out

Formally in the medical field, I see headshots that are taken with a phone all the time (btw I was guilty of this) .  Medical professionals are not the only ones guilty of this.  I see it everywhere from lawyers, to people applying for everyday jobs.  You may ask yourself as a doctor, lawyer, nurse, corporate executive, dentist, etc. why do I need to update my headshot?  I have my job, clientele coming in, why would I want to do anything different.  In today’s swipe up and down, left and right society, your headshot matters more than ever!  You need something that makes people stop for those extra 3-5 seconds to see what your about.  

Real Life Scenario 

 Imagine your eating dinner around 9pm, and you bite into your food and bam, you feel an instant pain!  What are you going to do? Look for the nearest emergency dentist to solve your pain. How?

You access google, scroll and the first photo that pulls up is a dentist with an iPhone photo that 6 years old and is pixelated.  What will you do?  Continue to the next dentists who has a trustworthy photo.  So I ask you, “what is that one client you lost worth?”

Well you may respond, “that’s just one client.” True, but imagine if this scenario is once a night.  How many clients are you losing on a daily basis worth?  First impressions speak volumes!  Stop losing those clients!

Before go…. Can you take this test and give your opinion on these headshots?

  1. This link will show 18 different headshots.
  2. What are some of the words that come to mind when you first see them (this should be quick and painless)
  3. Send your responses to me, I value viewer feedback.

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