Having 1 Bad Profile Picture Could be Costing You Money

Having 1 Bad Profile Picture Could be Costing You Money

Does a profile picture really matter to the business owner or the everyday professional?

Let’s face it, being a professional or business owner can be tough.  You take a leap of faith to start a business. Apply to the company of your dreams.  Then comes the tough part if your seeking employment, rejection.  If you’re the small business owner, its low ball offers or spammers.  You say to yourself, “I just want a chance to show what I can do?” “Why am I not being taken seriously?”

Wyashika experienced the latter within her business.  Why was she getting spammers, and low ball offers?  The answer was something so small, but yet so powerful.  What was it?  Her profile picture.  “Never judge a book by it’s cover, sounds great in theory, but how many times do we violate this?

The profile picture that caused a 200% increase in revenue. 

It’s Christmas 2017, and I’m traveling light.  Wyashika gives me a call and asked, “Can you do a professional headshot for me while you are in New Orleans?”  Of course I say yes.  She is beyond excited.

Here’s the issue, I have my camera and just a flash to take some Christmas family photos for memories.

So what do I do to get this client a headshot that makes her money???

I find foil paper, and the top of a donut box.  You may be thinking, no way he’s a professional…

The Process

  1. Get her to stop thinking about camera, doing the old school kindergarten smile
  2. Allow her to be herself
  3. Focus on the conversation we’re having
  4. Keep her doing all the silly stuff I am asking, so that it elicits an authentic smile
  5. The results in less than 15 minutes

 The Results

After we are finished the session, and I’m back at the studio, Wyashika calls and tells me about the overwhelming reviews she is receiving from posting her new headshot online.  I’m happy for her success, but this was just the beginning.  Later in the year around tax time, I ask her while she’s doing my taxes, “How’s business been for you?”  She responds “OMG my business has increased 200%!!”  I was floored by this response!  Wyashika continues to speak about how clients now take her seriously, and do not haggle her when she gives her pricing.

Your profile picture may be small, but it’s powerful.  This simple fix can get you more money from clients, or employers. It lets them know, you chose to invest in yourself and believe you’re worth what your asking for.

The saying goes, “A photo is worth a thousand words,” but I say, “A photo can be worth millions of memories and dollars.”

So went from this photo, following the process of “How to get a wow factor in a photo.”




What’s your profile picture costing you? Do viewers take you seriously? Does your picture stand out from the crowd or just blend in?

Quote – “If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be” – Maya Angelou

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